6 rules for when you travel with your Partner
Jun 14th, 2021


It can be easy to get frustrated and argue, even while doing something as fun and exciting as travelling especially if it’s your first trip together.

If you don’t iron out some issues, do somethings right and avoid somethings it can avoid your travel life moving forward.


We hope these tips help:

1. It is fine to have personal time

Something that you have surely heard more than once and that you should not do when traveling with your partner is to spend time together. It is not required for you to be together on your trip 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Even if you only travel with your partner for a week, be sure to take the time once in a while (ideally every day) to be alone. It does not mean that you have to spend a whole day apart, but simply need to make time for yourself.

You can Spend 2-3 hours alone during one afternoon of your trip, doing what you want.

2. Try to create memories

Do not travel only to just sit in the hotel all day, you are in a new destination, go out and do fun stuff

Visit new places, take pictures, discover new food, jump on Tiktok challenges … Lol basically try to create memories that will go with you a long way.


3. Not every moment will be Romantic

You are traveling with your partner. Every moment should be fireworks, castles and epic moments on top of a mountain, right? Incorrect.

Of course, you will have some moments like that while travelling, but what you should not do when traveling with your partner is to expect everything to be rosy.

Every second of your trip will not be glamour and romance since it can happen that:

1.    There are delayed flights 

2.    Either one gets lost 

3.    There are frustrations of language

All these things can absorb joy (not to mention killing romance). So do not go on your trips waiting for pure and unadulterated happiness.


4.    Don’t discuss money on the trip

Arguing about money is the worst, it’s the first thing you shouldn’t do when you’re traveling with your partner. And when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t even bring it up.

The best way to beat it is to plan ahead, and have serious discussions about finance and have a budget sort out the money before a trip, that’s why it is best to hire a travel planner and curator.

5.    Don’t fall into a routine

This doesn’t apply only to couples who travel long term. Whether you’re traveling with your partner or at home, it can be too easy to fall into a routine.

This is definitely something you shouldn’t do when you travel with your partner, avoid making this a routine. While travel has an inherent advantage: it constantly adds excitement and novelty to your life.

Even so, routines become a habit. Some level of routine is fine, but don’t get so caught up in the daily routine and schedule that you forget:

1.    spontaneity 

2.    romance 

3.    and the special, small gestures.

Try to shake things up at least once a week… whatever that means to you and your partner! traveling with your partner helps you get out of a monotonous routine.

6. Don’t Isolate

Now it looks like we’re going to contradict each other directly. The journey may be all about you two and your relationship, but the tour will be enhanced if you expand your group of two people from time to time.

A short vacation or honeymoon can be an exception… then it is natural and you are expected to be over-centred in your partner.

 But if you’re involved in long-term couple travel, don’t isolate yourself. Be sure to take time each week to be social. Try and meet other couples. Get to know the people and their culture.

Participate in group brewery tours, cooking classes, or even city walks. These things will open up your circle and add more to your travel experience. It’s sharing those new experiences with your partner that’s important.


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